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  • Designivo is a fresh & creative freelance web outlet directed towards an innovated web.

  • I love to explore, design and develop your needs in an awesome digital way.

  • It is good that I learn & feel you, so we can work together very well.

Hello, I'm Priyesh Patel, born and bred in London, a super geek, a digital superhero, a designer, a developer, an entrepreneur, a mobile photographer to name a few.

Designivo (Design In Visual Order) is my new superhero name. My former name was shush&think! It is done and dusted. I'm here to help you achieve your aim either for yourself or your new business and have the opportunity to work with an amazing client like you. I not only design websites, but I can also design other aspects for you, such as flyers, business cards, business stationery and posters amongst other things.

It is an original name to match my original ideas. I create clean cut, bold, fresh and innovative designs for different types of media, in print and on websites.

If the idea of working with me appeals, get in touch!


The best ideas come when we brainstorm and create together. We will work together to inject some creative ideas into your project.


I'll rack my brain constantly to design some drafts of what I think will match your project and we will tweak the design together.


To make your website a smooth operation, I'll put my coding cap on and muscle all the details on the website so it will be a great success. It is like a plane can't fly without petrol.


It will be the best present you will receive as you can show the whole world your new flashy shiny website and you will fall in love with it.

I'm just a regular guy [not a designaholic!] who is doing this for fun and entertain to my lovely clients with awesome products in the end. No funny business!

What I Do

I work with individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and start-ups in creating websites, to help them to market their product or services successfully on the web.

I work on ad-hoc updates or implement a Content Management System where you can update them by yourself with training from me.

What I Don't

I do not work with Wordpress and existing themes as they are not my original work.

I'm not a copywriter. It would be best if you have the content ready for me to add on.

I'm not a video editor, although I can add videos on the website for you if you provide me with the video.

I don't drink flat white or cappuccino but if we meet - please buy me a Mocha! I'm only kidding!

Creative Process

I'm going to make this pretty simple, so it is easier for us to make this work. To make this easier for you to understand I'll ditch the digital jargon, then you can learn how I operate so we can get ready for takeoff.

It's not rocket science!

I'm a creative thinker who can work on your project and develop bespoke designs. From sketch and mock-ups to visual identity, the dynamic proof, fix up codes and finally a shiny new website that you will fall in love with. I'm not a back-end developing mind geek but I'll take care of this aspect for you if you need me to.

I'm straightforward, I don't beat around the bush and will always give you my honest opinion.


If your site is overdue to have a face lift or you want to make an impact then act now because the internet has become a competitive beast! That's where I come in. I'll design something so fresh, that you will want to lick your screen!


Your website needs somewhere to stay once it has been developed. Hosting is your answer. You will get fully managed and customised web hosting from me. I've got you covered with help to setup your site, including emails.


An awesome looking brand defines who you are. It will be a conversation starter. If you have already developed a brand, no problem, I'll help you keep it consistent with social media designs, business cards, flyer etc.


Not only on the computer, but also on a mobile and tablet. Get in there on the move! I'll use my muscle to give the website a flexible choice to browse.


If you have your own Social Media but no design material, I'll design the background to match your branding for Twitter and Facebook.


I'll get you sorted with your CMS where you can update your site regularly, allowing you to have your own CMS admin page.

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Designivo. [somewhere in] London. United Kingdom.

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You have come this far! Like what you see? Do you have any other suggestions or ideas? Would you like to ask me some questions? Or just drop me a line to say hello? That would be pretty cool and I would appreciate it!